Cigarette Box Template Dimentions

If you want to design high-quality cigarette boxes wholesale with a flip-top or auto bottom flaps, you have to download its free box template. As you will search on the Internet you will find different styles of custom made cigarette boxes, download free cigarette box template one of your choices. Print it on a construction paper. Cut out its outer edges. Copy the cigarette box template PSD on a piece of cardboard or paperboard from which you want to make a cigarette box.

The size of the cardboard should be according to that of the free box template. Copy the template on it. Do not forget to copy the solid and dotted lines inside the cardstock cigarette box template. Solid lines represent the places to be cut and dotted lines are for the places to be folded. The cigarette box template dimensions template should be a two-dimensional version of the empty cigarette boxes for sale which you want to create.

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